Full House

  • Physical theatre
  • Without text
  • Suitable for all ages
  • 50'

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A funny and surprising fable about the coexistence of cultures

In this diverse world, it is possible that those neighbours we thought were strangers are much more similar to us than we thought, whoever they are and wherever they come from.

Full House is a show without text of physical theatre and live music that presents us with a contemporary fable on the theme of coexistence, approached from the diversity of cultures and the need to share. Four animals who live together in the same community live alien to each other, until an unexpected event makes them see the similarities that unite them.

Artistic specifications of the show:

Artistic direction and dramaturgy: Eléctrico 28

Actors: Jordi Solé, Daniela Poch, Alina Stockinger, Josep Cosials.

Musician: Ricardo Cornelius

Soundtrack: Siruan Darbandi

Set design: resanita &

Masks: Ivana Kovalcik

A show by
Eléctrico 28

Graz, Austria

Somos Eléctrico 28 (el colectivo de teatro, no el tranvía), un colectivo de artistas enamorado del espacio público y de sus habitantes. Nos encantan las sorpresas y las imágenes cinematográficas que se pueden crear en esos escenarios naturales, así como el juego con formas teatrales y modelos de ver y vivir una obra para cambiar a los espectadores. Usamos el humor y el amor como motor para crear.

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