L'enterrement de maman

  • Street theatre
  • Without text
  • Suitable for all ages
  • 1:00 hr

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"L'enterrement de Maman" is an itinerant, humorous and satirical street performance. A family is desperately looking for the road to the cemetery where the coffin of the deceased mother is kept.

Tragicomic-funeral ambulation to die of laughter.

A show by
Cie Cacahuète

Sète, France

More than three decades of urban experiments of all kinds. From the interventions, happenings and performances of the 80s to the long international tours of festivals in the 90s to a slow questioning of their evolution since the 2000s.

Cacahuète, Iconoclasta and controversial Cacahuète, considered not programmable, has been seen in almost 600 cities and festivals in 35 countries during its years of life and has performed almost 2,000 interventions and shows.

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