Les zèles d'Obus

  • Circus
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  • Suitable for all ages
  • 30'

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Have you ever seen that? A man in a unicycle on a trampoline? These two disciplines are already not easy. So imagine the two together in one show. 

On his open-air track, the zealous acrobat makes his circus: aerial figures and retro-pedaled waterfalls. Do not miss this funny jumping bird.

A show by
Cie Benoît Charpe

Romans-sur-Isère, France

Specialist in acrobatics with trampoline, unicycle and balances with chairs, Obus alias Benoit Charpe is a circus craftsman. A graduate of the CNAC, he creates his own inflatable structure, a trampoline on a circular floor, designs his own flying machine and travels around the world. He played with Shirley & Dino, Julot des Cousins, appeared on television at the world's largest Cabaret and was honored at the World Circus Festival of Tomorrow in 2008.

This animal has no limits!

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