• Contemporary circus
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  • Suitable for all ages
  • 50'

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Fable on endless wire

...Every stormy evening, an old man, exiled for a long time, approaches the sea side. When the wind caresses his skin, he returns into his indelible memories. A daydream of sweet nostalgia, not to ever forget, and continue to live whatever it takes. Around an endless cable, four moving bodies, in balance, like the coming and going waves of past time.

...Sodade... is an ode to life, a fable in the airs, told by two musicians playing and singing on a unique circus structure.

A show by
Cirque Rouages

Bar-le-Duc, France

In the beginning of Cirque Rouages, in September 2007, the 10 comedians, circus artists and other constructors want to give birth to a circus theater company putting the mechanical scenography to the foreground.

At 22, Aurélien Prost is one of the ten creators of the company. Born in Besançon in 1984, he grew up in his parents' factory, between brushes and tools. By co-founding Cirque Rouages as a high wire man and builder, it is he who will support the company in a research direction around a scenography at the center of creation.

In parallel with his work on the wire (Mathieu Hibon, Jérôme d'Orso, Marie-Anne Kergoët and Denis Josselin), he built most of the sets of the Rouages shows. By crossing his two activities, he succeeded over the years in this idea of infinite thread. Passing first by the show the Dancer of rope, he imagines in 2012 the current structure of ...Sodade...

Finished to build in early 2014, this giant decor will serve as an extraordinary object to tell this feeling of saudade. Indeed, this structure resembling a Super 8 projector, as well as the musicians placed outside the image will be the two scenographic aspects in the service of history, creating a "traveling side of cinema" (Le Temps, Swiss national newspaper).

In 2017, Cirque Rouages will celebrate its 10th anniversary, and the show ...Sodade... will surpass its 100th performance worldwide (France, Belgium, England, South Korea, New Caledonia, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Luxembourg, etc.).

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