Tom, Tom & Tom

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Tom, Tom and Tom turn the fact of being older into a blessing. The three elders are still too young to give up and therefore they celebrate life together.

Energetic and full of creative inspiration, the triplet passes through the audience, which begins to follow it from stage to stage. The three old men turn the squares into a yoga class, climb up on the lampposts, interact with the passers-by, provoke them and make them laugh by creating absurd and surreal situations.

And the good news: the audience can join in and become part of this performance!

Director: Craig Weston (Los Primitivos)

A show by
CIA Ravart

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Compagnie Ravart makes performances outside the theater. RavArt is a collective founded by theater maker Femke Ravensbergen. Together with actresses Inge Voskamp (Polish Fish and Merkx and Dancers), Suzanne Bakker (Golden Palace), Evelien Agema (Polish Fish, Dirk Scheele) and actors Jorn Laponder, Thijs Bloothoofd (Kassys) and Tom Dello, (mask) theater productions are being developed for in public space. Director Craig Weston (The Primitives) assists them with advice and direction.

Ravart founder Femke graduated in 2005 from the ArtEZ theater academy in Zwolle. She then made various theater performances and in recent years has played in street theater and music performances, including by Close-Act, Aardlek, Het 5e Kwartier / De Karavaan (Titia Bouwmeester) and Fiere Vrouwen.

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