Les homs fums

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Las Homs Humos son tres curiosos personajes, tres marionetas vivas con máscaras inspiradas en las tiras cómicas.

Con impermeables y botas de goma, se mezclan con la población para realizar un paseo lúdico y educativo. Música de principios de siglo o electrónica y voces operísticas acompañan las coreografías de estos astutos sujetos en interacción con un público cómplice.

A show by
Cie Ecart


Cie ECART was founded in 1990 by Anne Clouet, Gilles Ménard and Marc Têtedoie.

Ecart shapes its ideas with the body, materials and music. It plays with the places that contribute to the soul of the show.

Ecart likes to give a dreamlike vision, to transport and overflow the everyday. It proposes images that question.

For many years, Cie ECART's work has been performed mainly on the street and in theaters. It attaches great importance to the breath of the place where it operates and to the human links that are created wherever it goes...

The Cie travels internationally, with a particular focus on West Africa, supported by the French Institute.

The Cie transmits its research on movement and proposes to share the different universes it explores.

Since 2008, Cie ECART has been based at the Pôle associatif du 38Breil in the Breil district of Nantes. It has a dance studio and administrative office.

Involved in the life of the district, the company has developed a number of proposals in conjunction with local residents (local creations, educational projects for schools, festivals).

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